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Customer Social
Engagement Platform

Build credibility around your brand

and provide best customer


Customer Social  Engagement Platform


Customer Social Engagement Platform

Build credibility around your brand and provide best

customer experience using Havasay's integrated solution

Customer Social Engagement Platform

Advanced Moderation Console

Use Havasay's straight process(STP) capability to address

Customer's queries across channels in real time.

Assign Tasks

Assign multiple resources to adsress customer queries by

channel/product category thereby reducing the response

time to customer

Build strong Reputation

Online reviews are critical for your business.Take control of your

reputation and moderation reviews. Respond to queries, resolve issues

quicker and reward great reviews

Publish Q&A

Build a strong relationship with your consumers and giving them

all the necessary information about the products is important

make a repository of most asked question and add them to

your Q&A section.

Advanced Moderation Console

Content Syndication Across Channels

Havasay's inherent ability to sync content from acrosss all your channels vis-a-vis,

social media, e-commerce, Q&A etc., gives you a strong control and visibility on customer concerns.

Content Syndication Across Channels

Sync Multiple Channels

Leverage user generated content on one channel

across all your social media channels, online store

and other forums to increase visibility and reach

Respond Inline

Reassure and nurture a great relationship with your

Customers with quick response time to their queries

Set Publishing Rules

Moderate and prioritize user generated content

based on rules to ensure relevance, brand influence

Personalized Social Wall

Sociall Wall is a microsite that you can add to your e-commerce website where you can set rules to publish

positive reviews, posts from across channels.

SEO Enabled

More contet helps you better SEO of your online store.

Get your soical wall to offer a platform for customers to express

themselves and build a community of followers.

Set Custom Rules

Manage your brand well with publishing rules that work for you.

Auto publish or manual publish through a moderator.

Multiple Themes

Delivering a consistent brand experience is the key for a great

customer Journes. Choose a theme from our library that represents

your brand persona.

Personalized Social Wall

Search Engine Optimization

What can be better than using user generated content to drive traffic to your store?

Search Engine Optimization

Drive Traffic

Great SEO of your content helps you to get discovered

more and thus gets you more traffic.

Filter Content

72% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust
businesses more. Content moderation helps you in managing

your brand reputation better.

Increase Conversions

50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in

Conversion rates. Filtering content for your audience helps

you with better conversion.

Analytics with Insights

Understand your customers thoughts about your products better and then improvise your merchandize

accordingly thereby creating the right product market fit.

Sentiment Score

Know what your customers feel about your products.

Each review is analyzed for it's positive or a negative

sentiment to help you tweak your catalogue strategy.

Reach Score

Indentify which customers are influencers for your

business through how well the content they posted

is reaching to other people.

Influence Score

Your influencers promote your brand story. Find them

with scores assigned for the community effect each

of your customer has for your brand

Analytics with Insights