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The game has changed.
it's the Era of the

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It's not about the best ad copy. You need to engage your customers
on a whole new level.

Identify your potential customer across platforms

Customers research the best deal across
multiple sites using multiple devices,
making it even more important to
understand what influences them.
Havasay lets you know, understand,
and target an individual customer with
content specificially relevant to them

Monetize Your
Social Engagement

Your customers are your best advocates,
providing helpful reviews and feedback.
But how do you measure a Trustomer's influence and turn it into gold?
Havasay's industry-leading analytics
quantify the relevance and financial value
of each Trustomer and converstion.

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Syndicate Your Most Influential
Content Everywhere, Easily

A Trustomer's glowing review can ignite your sales. But, how do you use that conversation across every
site that sells your product? Havasay lets your syndicate the most influential content across
e-commerce sites, leveraging existing communities and interactions.

Havasay Background

Respond to and Moderate
Customer Feedback

When customers give negative feedback,
you need tools to help you respond
quickly. Havasay's dashboard alerts you
to negative reviews and lets your provide
responsive customer service, turning
unhappy customers into Trustomers that
advocate for your brand.


We've built the
tools to help your
company succeed in the
Era of the

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